Thursday, May 5, 2011


This is an awesome song.  It was used in Communication Breakdown as Chance rushes to Ilsa - he is sure Hector Lopez will kill her. The quiet urgency of this song contrasts beautifully with the violence and fear.  But I can't listen to it with comfort yet, as in my mind it's completely integrated with these riveting clips.  It's one of my favourite sequences in all tv viewing, exquisitely played by Indira Varma and Mark Valley and it features prominently in both my Human Target fanvids.

Here is a short clip as the song starts - Semi-Automatic continues in this amazing scene for over two and half minutes.

from Communication Breakdown, S2E8

This song is by The Boxer Rebellion and you can listen to it complete here

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  1. Oooh yes, yes, yes... I love how the music and the scene work together!!! Very artistic :D
    When I first watched that last scene, I couldn't help but rewind it all the time or think about it all day :D


  2. i love you know where i can download the whole long clip (of the short one you have here)...cant find it anywhere. many thanks xxxx