Friday, April 1, 2011

Human Target - Where I Go (Video)

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This is a Christopher Chance and Ilsa Pucci fanvid for the Nick Gardner contest. to vote

My interpretation of this song, in the context of Human Target, reflects Chance’s conviction that no one can go where he’s been and he would never want anyone to.  Where does he “go”?  He is tortured by self-recrimination for deeds past and is endlessly searching  for redemption.  He frequently runs away from the people he cares most about fearing they will be hurt or worse.  Until Ilsa.  In the end, he keeps her from following in his footsteps….

This amazing song immediately stole my heart and I was over the moon that it was available for use with permission!
Please check out Nick Gardner’s other beautiful music on YouTube.
 Many thanks to him for allowing the use of Where I Go. It was this vidder’s dream of a song.  My apologies Nick, if I didn’t quite hit your mark with some of the video transitions!

This vid is dedicated to my friend Magra, a vidder extraordinaire, who helped and encouraged me when I first started.  Happy birthday! (This was finished on your birthday but technical issues delay it!)

"Where I Go" (C) 2009
Lyrics, Melody, Music written by Nick Gardner

The hand on the clock chimes, reads me my life line
Then you go and drop that bomb on me
You take a step back, then we can't get back
We're poor and they're expecting a fee.
We're fighting for air, it's not fair...
The Gods are immune to our plea
And I could go further, and commit murder
But tell me then where would I be?
Where I Go
Where I Go
There'll be fire that goes blazing on the snow
Where I Go
Where I Go
There'll be fire that goes blazing on the snow
And I know, where I go, isn't somewhere that you can easily see
And I know, where I go, isn't somewhere that you'll ever be
You'll ever be, you'll ever be...
Tell me that story, of your life before me
Go back to it and set yourself free
Erase all the trouble, and then the struggle
Like the struggle to split sand from the sea
There's not enough time, to fix this crime
On the souls hurt so effortlessly
I wish I could be there, or at least not care
Then you wouldn't have to care about me
When the sky starts turning and it goes back
The sun turns back and the ground cracks
At vanishing point on the broken glass floor
Through the mirror in your mind and the lock on the door
Goes nowhere, you can't go there, or know there, nothing grows there
'Cept your shadow grows smaller and in the blink of an eye
I can't see you anymore
You'll ever be, you'll ever be, you'll ever be..
You'll be, you'll be


  1. This is a fabulous vid! Granted you had a great song to work with, but your video interpretation is phenomenal. You showed Chance's inner conflict with both ends of the spectrum - the spectacular, dramatic action and the subtle fraility of his emotional struggle. As always, your editing and timing are superb, making this vid a masterpiece! Bravo!

  2. Ditto to what Susan1212 said :D

    I ADORE your interpretation of the song! The clips, the rushing part of the song... so amazing!!!!

    Near the end of the vid, where you show Chance aiming, and right after you show Ilsa aiming then Chance hugging her: "and I know where I go isn't somewhere that you can easily see"/"and I know where I go isn't somewhere that you'll ever be"--- Perfect perfect clips for those lyrics :)

    Great work as usual Suzanne, great work!


  3. Thanks Marie! And thanks for pointing that out to me, because really that short set of clips encapsulates the whole theme of the video. I could have saved myself a lot of time!

    It was hard to distinguish the difference between Ilsa shooting Hector Lopez in self-defense and her threatening to kill Julia in cold blood on the rooftop in the video. I wished I'd had another week to work on this and I might have gotten it right.
    But I love that hug at the end - it had to go there. :-)

  4. This is even better than "Chances". I saw it for the first time last night and can't get enough of it. You are very talented, I hope you do more of this. Maybe even send it to Warner bros or M Miller. Cant wait for your next HT video.


  5. Thank you Saturn! I appreciate it. I love both vids, but this one has much more to "say". I'd love if Matt Miller saw it. He might have seen Chances because it's been out longer - I know he said he would sometimes go to blogs - so I'm sure he's been around YouTube. Now he's probably out scrounging up his next job. *sigh* And I'm just waiting for the next piece of music to come along (that is perfect for Human Target) and hit me like a bolt of lightning!

  6. Maybe you can do a video on the comedic parts of HT


  7. @Saturn
    I'd really need to find a catchy piece of music for that! Do you think without the "real" audio the humour would come across? I wonder....

  8. Well I think we all know whats going on in some of the funny parts even sans audio -- like Ames asking if the three were related because of Uncle Andy in E1, the tank thing by Ilsa in E2----