Friday, May 6, 2011

Human Target Season 1 Music

Throughout the first season of Human Target, the music was all composed by Bear McCreary, consisting of, as he puts it "... a dynamic adventure score in the language of classic cinema."  Bear worked with a full 60-piece symphonic orchestra every week.  It's a truly amazing feat. Visit Bear's site to see a list of all the other fabulous scores he has created. (You will definitely recognize them.) You have to be a very special kind of person to do this. Amazing man. "Amazing" seems to be the best word I can come up with to describe him and his accomplishments!  He received an Emmy nomination for the Human Target Main theme.

Opening Credits for Human Target Season 1

Bear McCreary
All Bear's music from Season 1 has been produced on a 3 CD compilation with over 3 hours of music.  It is a Limited Edition of 2000.

Bear maintains an up-to-date blog which surprised me.  All that talent and time to blog....

You can see him perform on YouTube here.  I see he's really new to YouTube.  Lucky us.  I'll be subscribing to his channel!

Well, it was my very lucky day when a package arrived from my friend Susan.  It was my birthday present, held captive by postal services and customs until yesterday.  In the package was the Human Target Season 1 Soundtrack.  WAAAAHOOOOO! 

Thank you so much Susan! I bet you can guess what I'm listening to right now!


  1. I must say I was kinda disappointed when they changed the theme song in the second season... Not only coz I believe the first one was better, but I just hate it when shows change their team songs... I mean, what's the point?

    It reminds me how I felt weird back in 2007, when CI's theme song was changed... but eventually I got used to it *rolleyes*


  2. Matt Miller has said he will likely change the theme song back to the original *when* Season 3 starts!

    As for CI - I love that it's only Goren and Eames walking with no captain this season!

  3. I KNEW his style sounded familiar to me! I've heard his music on "Eureka"! I always found it to be one of the best quirks of the show.

    Glad you like the CD. Happy Birthday!