Thursday, December 22, 2011

Vidlet set

So one of the TV Realm challenges was the Bingo Challenge.  Oh, brother.  Choose a row and a column or diagonal.  You know.  Bingo.
So I chose the column starting with The End and the row starting with Memories.  Don't ask about the abbreviations.  I just don't even want to know!

Since I love making fanvids, I chose vidding for all of them.  Vids have to be over 10 seconds.  Not a problem. Making them shorter is a problem.  I hate cutting up the music.

The End had to be Criminal Intent, from the last scene in the series and it got long enough that it went on its own.

So far, along with The End, I've done Just Kiss The Girl (twice, once for the column and once for the row), Bliss, Shine and Dress Up.  Human Target is in Just Kiss the Girl and Dress Up.  Yes, even Guerrero dressed up in Imbroglio!  Watch out for them, that Dress Up vidlet is FAST.

Icons and Badges

For this TV Realm challenge I'm doing over on LiveJournal, it appears I need team signature badges and icons!  Who knew rabid fandom came with requirements!?  Awww, darn, so boring to make these.... NOT.

I have my Criminal Minds badge and icon (made from the badge):

And my V (2009) badges: the second was made by my friend havers as an example, so I knew what I had to do! (Thanks again Antje!)

All this insanity started with Law & Order Criminal Intent and so far, I only have one icon for it! Tsk!

So here are my Human Target badges and single icon.  So far.  I really need a  Guerrero icon.  What about one of him hanging upside down (from Kill Bob)?  XD 
Maybe one of him blowing up the Eldo.....

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Penny for Them

Actually, I'd probably give more than a penny to know what Chance is thinking here. This is from Imbroglio S2E9. Ilsa is not pleased to see him at the opera as she feels the pressure of her sister-in-law's visit.

This screen cap is from a clip I'm using in a vidlet set for a TV Realm Challenge which, with any luck, will be uploaded in the next day or so!  The theme for this vidlet is Dress Up and includes characters from a few different fandoms near and dear to my heart.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

TV Realm Challenge on LiveJournal

I've been a member of LiveJournal for quite a long time. (You can find me as quietfireca - surprise)  I never found LiveJournal easy to use and didn't get used to it even though I have friends there.  But my friend havers who does the Lovely Kathryn blog uses it all the time and recently did a series of challenges that had her making some really fun things!  So when the latest challenge in her group came up, I thought I'd give it a try.  I thought it might be an opportunity to make a bunch of mini-vids.  (These full length vids take at least 40 hours, usually more.)

So I joined TV Realm (which is a community of other nut cases like me) and was put in the Team Chiller group.  You can see my other completed challenge on my LJ just before this Matchmaker challenge.

This was the current challenge
Ep Summary: Matchmaker, Matchmaker, make me a match! Find me a find, catch me a catch.
Basically, here is the summary:

• Ep Details: You are the matchmaker. Put two tv characters who've never met before, on a blind date. Graphically or through writing.

• Graphics: You'll need 10 images total in your picspam (or multiple mini-spams) of the TV characters you're setting up on a blind date. You decide whether you're setting up one couple together, with 5 images of each person. Or multiple matches 1-3 images each. As long as you have 10 images in your entry, you're fine.

I thought that Guerrero and Kalinda from The Good Wife would make a most interesting couple. This isn't really my "thing", but when I put the photos together I had a good chuckle! I'd like to be a fly on the wall when these two are together! They do interesting things to cars...

Monday, December 12, 2011


I was curious exactly how old Mark Valley was, so I did a quick Google.  This photo came up and cracked me up!  (He was born December 24, 1964 so Happy Early Birthday, Mark!)

So if you're a drooling fan girl, enjoy this! lol! I don't drool....  Okay, possibly when he's Christopher Chance.  There are some more older photos where I found this here.

Boy, I bet this guy gets whatever he wants!

Still working on some Human Target stuff but I got sidetracked with the Criminal Minds vid I've been planning for months.  You can see it below (or if you're getting this as an email update, just click on the title and watch it on the web.)