Monday, April 18, 2011

The Banana Spider

So what could a guy like Christopher Chance possibly be afraid of?  I think we were all surprised to find out he hates spiders, one in particular.

When you do a little research on Banana Spiders, some references say they're not so toxic, but others say they are deadly.  I've added a bit of info below if you're dying to know more.  The most interesting thing I found was that the females usually eat their mate. I wonder what Chance would have to say about that....?

Here are two clips about Chance and Banana Spiders, the first with Maria who knows him well and the second with Ilsa.  I think Chance scared Ilsa more than the spider scared her!

from Salvation and Reclamation, S1E7, and Communication Breakdown, S2E8

The Banana Spider seems to be one of the Brazilian Wandering Spiders found in South and Central America. P. fera is the most venomous species of spider. Its venom contains a potent neurotoxin, which at deadly concentrations causes loss of muscle control and breathing problems, resulting in paralysis and eventual asphyxiation - which fits pretty well with Chance's drama queen description!

I tried looking at pictures of spiders to see if Ilsa's spider looked anything like a Banana Spider, but I have to tell you, my heart really wasn't in it....


  1. funny chance didn't mention this other side effect

  2. OMG! I totally missed your comment. I did read something about that, too. Hmm, too bad this side effect could be accompanied by death. What a way to go! roflol!!!
    From the way he reacted with Ilsa, I think he might forego your side effect and choose life. Perhaps the writers just couldn't come up with appropriate words to put in his mouth. Such a good opportunity for an alternate scene! I'd pay for that!

  3. I love the Spider fear aspect of Chance's character. It's exactly like Indiana Jones's fear of snakes!! What a pararell. Two of the most bravest, amazing characters ever written and each have this little secret fears. They are afraid of nothing, it seems, and can do anything...but when there are snakes an spider....well. It's awesome!! I watched the season 1's bonus features on the DVD and the creators confirmed they loosely based Chance after a hero like Indiana Jones! Total fit!

    Chance reaction was classic. I loved that. He is always so cool and calm in any life or death situation and then there is a spider and this man that has no fear of death all of a sudden is having a melt down. Indy was the same way with his snakes.

    Chance isn't afraid of death...just doesn't want to die like that, they way he described.