Sunday, May 29, 2011

Location: West Georgia Street/Hudson's Bay Building

from Marshall Pucci, S2E13
I'm trying not to get started writing about this whole scene, because I adore it on so many levels, not the least of which was the *snow*!

It appears that Chance is dangling Ilsa over West Georgia Street.  The building to the left of Ilsa's back is the Hudson's Bay Company Building in downtown Vancouver at Granville and Georgia.  If you watch it in HD you can read part of the word "Company".

The Bay is a department store and outfitted the Canadian Olympic team last year.  They are famous for the red Maple Leaf mittens and for the Hudson's Bay Blanket!

 Now I'm trying to wrack my brains - I'm sure I recall a scene where Chance sits on a chair that has a Bay blanket drapped over the back... or was that on Fringe..... uh-oh.  Well! I guess I'll have to re-watch a bunch more episodes and see if I can un-earth the mystery.

So what building are they dangling from?  It's the Hotel Vancouver. But more about that another time.....  hmmmm reminds me of a pub rally during first year at UBC and a clue we had to get from the penthouse of the Hotel Vancouver.....

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