Sunday, May 15, 2011

Human Target Cancelled by FOX

I’ve never had to write this kind of a blog post. My experience with Criminal Intent was quite different and incredibly rewarding. Far beyond any dreams I could possibly have had. I’m sorry I didn’t have the same amount of time to devote to trying to save Human Target because hard work does seem to have an impact at some level.

My deepest sympathies go out to the cast and crew who worked so hard to make Human Target the amazing production it was. I wonder if they are all in mourning? Or are they already in negotiations and signing contracts for their next endeavors? I’m in mourning, but comforted by the fact that I’ve got episodes to re-watch and examine – because there is lots still there to analyse and enjoy! So it’s not the end of this blog!

What are the reasons for the cancellation? I can only speculate.

If they are looking at the ratings – I’m certain they would have had more viewers if FOX had shown it consistently in the same timeslot. It wasn’t Where’s Waldo?, it was Where’s Human Target? It’s like they were deliberately sabotaging the show by moving it all over hell’s half acre. It became a target easy to miss.

Expense? Yes, I bet Human Target isn’t cheap to make. It’s filmed in Vancouver and the Canadian dollar is very high right now, so the exchange rate doesn’t improve the cost of the show.

Demographics? That would be an interesting study. When I first uploaded my Chances vid, the biggest group of viewers was guys 35 and under. That switched to women later and remains that way. Big Canadian viewings!

In Season 2, HT added the ladies as regular cast members and I became devoted to the show. I’m guessing a lot more women watched regularly now. That was a smart move on the part of the producers. After all, we’re the ones with the death grip on the household purse strings and who just might pay attention to the advertisers….. (Did the prime advertisers for HT change from beer in S1 to household cleaners in S2?)

I’d love to know what they pitched for a Season 3. Sigh. Whatever it was, it didn’t work….

And now I’m without Lie to Me, as well. FOX has not won any brownie points with me this week. The one bright spot is the public recognition of the Criminal Intent Binder Project by Kathryn Erbe.

Stay tuned! I’m not done with this blog yet!  I'm just side-tracked with finishing a V vid!


  1. What a bummer! Networks can really screw things up, can't they? Geez! I lost my favorite new show this season too - Detroit 187. The network admits it is a good show, it just isn't getting the ratings they want. It all comes down to money. (Hmmm. Where have we heard that before?)

    Kathryn's public comment on our CI Binder Project was music to my ears! So sweet of her!

  2. damn it *sigh*


  3. Well, scheduling was the major factor. I accidently saw S2E1, and then tried to watch thereafter with little luck. Eventually I wisened up and DVRed it. I remember even before Chicago Hope aired, I saw Jennifer Beal everywhere. HT was never publicised -- Valley should have been on the night shows and the women could have visited Ellen, etc. Nothing.
    Yes, considering the stunts, it has got to be an expensive show to produce. Matt said they get a lot of tax beaks for filming in vancouver is why they do it there. But all the special effects must be expensive -- hence only 13 episodes a season. Also there was some licensing issues that had to be ironed out between FOX and WB, I think.

    I dont know if FOX was interested in renewing them for season 3, but in the end I don't think it mattered -- they just suddenly decided to axe all theit bubble shows. They had renewed Fringe several weeks prior and that was it.

    Oddly, a few hours before they axed the show, the facebook page of Fox's HT had a new entry -- a target shooting game on the fox site. The fact that they all of a sudden added something tot he page almost seemed like some renewed interest but that was short lived.

    Now the most recent 5 episodes are no longer available on Hulu or FOX. I know they expire but not all on the same day so something is up, maybe WB is claiming exclusive rights.

  4. @Anonymous
    Oh, yeah, they pushed Chicago Code like crazy! It was so irritating I couldn't be bothered to watch it.
    And good point, if the network was really behind a show, the stars should be appearing on talk shows.
    Well, there had to be some good reason for filming in Vancouver because the dollars are close to par. I recently heard that Ontario has even better tax credits.

    Isn't that strange about the game? I saw that. What were they thinking?

    I can't watch on FOX or Hulu - I'm in Canada. Don't these guys know there is a huge fan base out of the country? Are the epis available on iTunes? Hmm, haven't checked. Of course, they might be available in the US and not here on iTunes.

    Thanks for your thoughts! Great points.

  5. I am sure episodes are available on itunes. I usally buy them from Amazon.
    Well Hulu usually has the 5 most recent episodes, just as the FOX netwrok does online. Well they are all gone. Maybe the DVD will come out soon -- it was supposed to be out in mid-May, I thought.