Tuesday, March 15, 2011

You Wearing Heels?

The reactions of the women just cracks me up.
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This clip is from Dead Head, Season 2, Episode 5


  1. Yeah, yeah that scene cracks me up too! :D
    The last time I actually wore heels was about 4 years ago...


  2. Heels, my pet peeve!!

    Many TV shows have women in action -- like cops or investigators, etc. -- with these ridiculously high heels on. I find that really annoying and unrealistic. No real cop or forensic analystic walks around with a plunging neckline and outrageous heels. Yet look at the women in the CSI shows ....

    I think Ilsa wearing heels is fine, but I am not sure that some one who is good at climbing and running, like Ames, would be wearing shoes with heels as much.