Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chance Meets Ilsa

I love the first episode of Season 2, Ilsa Pucci.   It's here we are introduced to billionaire philanthropist and recently widowed Ilsa.  She has it all, except Chance.

This is a mini-vid of their first meeting.  She is sophisticated, sexy, challenging and mocking. She's been searching for him for six months and has had six months to prepare her first words to him.  How does Chance respond?  He stops meditating and looks her up and down.  Yep. He's obviously had too many months on an ashram.....

This episode was written by Matt Miller, the Season 2 showrunner, who leaves us wanting to know more about the multi-layered and complex Ilsa.  I think he writes Ilsa better than anyone. There is a nice (early) interview with him here.
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  1. Ilsa is a fascinating and brave woman. In spite of her fear in frightening situations, she takes action. Indira Varma lets us see Ilsa's fear and her determination to overcome it.