Friday, March 25, 2011

Ames. Meet Guerrero.

Now if you've watched Human Target, you don't need any introduction to Guerrero.  He's definitely a unique character and you can't help but love him (shhh, don't tell him I said that).

In no way do I condone guys hitting women, but somehow Guerrero gets a pass on this one.  Guerrero does all those things we secretly wish we could do with an evil little grin on our faces.

I thought he was rather gentlemanly for the first few seconds when Ames pleads for help to escape Winston.  That didn't last long....

So here again, we have the first meeting of the two characters with no first names.
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  1. Oh yeah, I LOVE Guerrero also :D
    He's small and wears glasses, yet he's so intimidating,lol B)

    "Guerrero does all those things we secretly wish we could do with an evil little grin on our faces."-- What you said here reminds me when Bobby said "bad guys do what good guys dream" *rolleyes* Well, I know Guerrero is not FULLY a bad guy, but... ahh you see my point

    When I first learned that the dude had a kid, I was surprised. I was like "what?!? HE has a kid?!?!" lol.... I really like that fact actually :)


  2. Oh, Marie! Great observation about Goren! You know your CI really well!

    Yes, I was surprised about the kid, too. There is obviously a lot of backstory we could get without ruining the mystique of Guerrero. It looks like the kid lives a pretty normal life. Hard to believe Guerrero would go home to the suburbs every night though....

  3. lol... I don't know, but I have a feeling Guerrero isn't with his son's mom... Maybe, that time you're talking about, he just came for a visit, you know? Hopefully, we find out more later ;)
    I really wish we get a season 3 *gulp*