Sunday, March 13, 2011

Christopher Chance & Co. Offices

Location, location, location.  Here is the first one I'll look at.

I love this show because unlike V and Fringe, and I forget what else at the moment, Human Target is less likely to disguise Vancouver than the others.
Have they ever told us if the company (now Ilsa's company, I suppose!) has a name? They refer to it as an agency.

Whatever, they have claimed Vancouver's Sun Tower at 100 West Pender St. for their offices.  The Sun Tower was built in 1912 and was bought by the Vancouver Sun newspaper in 1937.  The Sun is no longer published there, but the name remains.  I worked in it when a good portion of it was occupied by the Geological Survey of Canada (who moved when the Federal Government claimed it wasn't up to earthquake code - at least that's the story I got).   I'll never forget the day someone jumped off it.....

Here are some screen caps from the show.  You can see them larger by clicking on each photo.

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  1. It surely is a beautiful building, as are many of the buildings in Vancouver.

    You were in the Sun Tower when someone jumped off it? Tell us more!