Monday, August 15, 2011

Under Control?

"It's under control" is one of Chance's favourite lines at the end of Season 2.  He says it three times in The Trouble With Harry and at the very start of Marshall Pucci. But I think he was under quite a  bit of strain at the end of Communication Breakdown, S2E8.

This might just be my wishful thinking - to see Chance losing control of that guy facade - but I've examined the video clips numerous times (I cannot make a vid and not include them). 

In the first screen cap in profile, Chance really looks like he is cracking from the horror of what Ilsa has been through and shocked by how close she came to death.  I think Indira Varma did an incredible job in this scene. I could not take my eyes off her for many many viewings - it's one of those unforgettable tv scenes.  Her silent trembling and the incomprehension on her face as her eyes are riveted on Chance are haunting. And there is something around Mark Valley's eyes that makes me think he bought it, too!

From Communication Breakdown, S2E8

But when you flip around to face him, he has lost that vulnerability.  Pity!  But it's still an amazing scene with only her name spoken once.

From Communication Breakdown, S2E8

The music is Semi-Automatic by Boxer Rebellion and you can listen to it here.  I was going to embed the scene here, but Warner Bros claimed the rights and I couldn't embed it.  You'll just have to head for your dvrs!  And hopefully Season 2 will be released soon.


  1. If you go to the start of the next episode -- Imbroglio -- in the flash back to this scene, they show Chance reaching out to Ilsa, but I think it is a shot taken from another angle and there. In that one you can see that Ilsa never takes her eyes off Chance.

    Like you said here in the last cap - you dont see the expression when they show Chance's face from the front -- I think he had a tear in the corner of his eye in the first one

  2. Yes, you're right about the flashback at the start of Imbroglio - it's slightly different. I'm hoping we get Season 2 soon so I can see it on the bigger screen. The version I have just isn't clear enough.