Saturday, August 13, 2011

Location: Geneva?

I was watching the news recently and they had some shots of the new Vancouver Convention Centre from the water.  Aha!

Chance and Ilsa jumped from this building in Ilsa Pucci S2E1.

and this is Vancouver Convention Centre.
I think we have a match!
Next time I'm in Vancouver I might have to go on Human Target locations tour!

This post is for Saturn - because she misses Human Target, too!!

Here are some location photos I came across while they were shooting Ilsa Pucci.
Makes me want to go and watch the episode....

and here are a few of my screen caps from the episode.

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  1. Thank you for caps of one of my favorite scenes in the movie -- really good acting there.
    Nice work -- figuring out what was used as the Bank in Geneva.