Friday, August 26, 2011


Ever noticed how Chance gets frazzled?
Ever noticed it happens when Ilsa is in danger? He yells at her.....   Hello?  It's particularly noticable in Imbroglio - he yells at her after she has just saved him from drowing.  Not exactly smooth, debonair or "under control"! 
It's okay Chance.  We understand what the problem is!

Video clips are from
Communication Breakdown
Imbroglio and
The Trouble With Harry
and I'm sure there are others!


  1. Yeah, we saw a pattern followed there. I liked how you put in the episode names into the clips.


  2. There were a lot of patterns in this show, wasn't there? I think they were really careful about maintaining consistant character behaviour. I don't think you'd notice that on casual viewing, but when you've seen the episode twiced (ahem, or more), it's much more obvious. So thumbs up to whoever watched over that - I'm assuming it's Matt Miller!