Friday, June 3, 2011

The Softer Side of Guerrero

From Cool Hand Guerrero, S2E10
This post started out as just a photo, but then I got carried away.  I rediscovered this clip when I was making Where I Go and was completely charmed.  When I re-visited the whole scene, I though it was worth sharing more than a screen cap!
That "Ilsa put you up to that?" just cracked me up.

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  1. So after this clip they show Guerrero driving up, and entering a house where a kid's scooter is parked in the driveway. I assume the gift was for his son's upcoming birthday. Very nice piece.

    G has some unexpected traits-- he lived in the suburbs once, knows a lot about classical music, has a son (and even a father), knows a lot about chess, ....
    People talk about G having his own show but I don't think that would work . The mystique is in the incomplete information we have about him, it would be lost if he was around all the time.

    My favorite G scenes are when he socks Ames in E1, and the paycheck problem in 'Deadhead'.

  2. @Saturn
    Yes, Guerrero is an enigma. And you're right about the mystique. It's getting these little tidbits of information about him that make him fascinating. Too much and.....

    I'm going out on a limb here and thinking that *he* never lived in the suburbs but that is where his son's mom lives. And for some reason we assume that he doesn't live with them.... Gee, I wonder why? ;-)

  3. Well, in WonderCon they said in season 3, G's wife will be getting out of prison and hunting him down. I think his kid lives with his dad in the suburbs. In the end of the Christmas episode G does mention having lived there and done that...., when Ames talks about the suburbs.


  4. Oh, good catch Saturn! Well, the poor little gaffer, who looks after him?! Guerrero always seems to be out with guys like "The Plumber" in the wee small hours..... or transporting "items" in the trunk of the Eldo, so I would never have guessed he was the ahem, primary caregiver.

    I think it's very sweet in this scene that Chance remembers the kidlet's birthday.