Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Budding Thrillseeker and Trust

In the first episode of Season 2, Ilsa Pucci is put in a position where she really has no choice but to jump through a plate glass window from the 17th (?) storey of a high-rise in Geneva.  She looks pretty anxious about trusting Chance.
From Ilsa Pucci, S2E1

But in the final episode of Season 2, when she is again in a no-choice situation with Chance, does she look worried? Maybe she would be if she looked at his face! This time the trust comes with less fear.

From Marshall Pucci, S2E13
Here are the two scenes in video.

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  1. Both those clips are great. I think the "trust me?" scene is the defining moment of the season when Ilsa realizes this guy can do some amazing things (she didn't trust him at the ball earlier when she didn't heed his advice to stay there despite the shooting). There on, she has always told people how remarkable his methods are.

    I just watched S1E1; there too Chance asks the woman at one point on the train, if she trusted him to rescue her.

  2. For me, season two was all about Ilsa learning to truly trust Chase and being willing to follow his one rule: Just do whatever I tell you too. She had to work her way through that. By the end of the season, she didn't feel the need to constantly test him.