Saturday, April 9, 2011

Location: Alex Fraser Bridge

This screen cap is from Christopher Chance, Season 2 Episode 12, set 6 years in the past, just after Baptiste has killed Katherine Walters and Christopher Chance (played here by Lee Majors). Junior stands up and becomes the new Christopher Chance.

In the background is the Alex Fraser Bridge which spans the south arm of the Fraser River. It's the easiest bridge in the Lower Mainland to drive in my opinion although you do get used to all of them the more you drive them (except maybe the Pattullo).
So I figure this must have been filmed on the south shore in the late afternoon. Lol! Unless it was filmed on the north shore in the early morning! My best guess (from someone who hasn't driven along there in a few years) it was at the Fraser Surrey Docks along River Road heading out of Surrey into Delta.

If you're into bridges, you can read more about the Alex Fraser here on Wikipedia.

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