Thursday, December 22, 2011

Vidlet set

So one of the TV Realm challenges was the Bingo Challenge.  Oh, brother.  Choose a row and a column or diagonal.  You know.  Bingo.
So I chose the column starting with The End and the row starting with Memories.  Don't ask about the abbreviations.  I just don't even want to know!

Since I love making fanvids, I chose vidding for all of them.  Vids have to be over 10 seconds.  Not a problem. Making them shorter is a problem.  I hate cutting up the music.

The End had to be Criminal Intent, from the last scene in the series and it got long enough that it went on its own.

So far, along with The End, I've done Just Kiss The Girl (twice, once for the column and once for the row), Bliss, Shine and Dress Up.  Human Target is in Just Kiss the Girl and Dress Up.  Yes, even Guerrero dressed up in Imbroglio!  Watch out for them, that Dress Up vidlet is FAST.

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