Thursday, December 22, 2011

Icons and Badges

For this TV Realm challenge I'm doing over on LiveJournal, it appears I need team signature badges and icons!  Who knew rabid fandom came with requirements!?  Awww, darn, so boring to make these.... NOT.

I have my Criminal Minds badge and icon (made from the badge):

And my V (2009) badges: the second was made by my friend havers as an example, so I knew what I had to do! (Thanks again Antje!)

All this insanity started with Law & Order Criminal Intent and so far, I only have one icon for it! Tsk!

So here are my Human Target badges and single icon.  So far.  I really need a  Guerrero icon.  What about one of him hanging upside down (from Kill Bob)?  XD 
Maybe one of him blowing up the Eldo.....


  1. I love the Erica and Jack icon.

  2. Love the very last one from S2E1