Friday, October 14, 2011

Guerrero and Connie Pucci

There is a very sweet story on (in the Human Target stories!) called Eavesdropping that reminded me about Guerrero and his reaction to Connie Pucci.  Since I miss these guys so much, it was an easy job to compile this set of clips from Imbroglio.

The actress guest starring as Connie Pucci is Olga Sosnovska.  I recognized her from an early episode of Law & Order Criminal Intent (Probability) where she was every bit as gorgeous as she is in Imbroglio!

The music during the last three clips is.... you guessed it.  La Traviata.


  1. I have always loved the last bit where G tries to peep into the elevator as the door closed. It was a nice touch -- showing the softer side of G.


  2. Great episode. I loved G in it.

    And I loved that story on It brought Guerrero's cute interactions with Connie full circle.