Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Power of Ilsa Pucci

I started working on this blogpost long ago and it sort of morphed into the recent video because of the song lyrics, but it's finally time..... 

The title of this post isn’t referring to Ilsa’s power because of her wealth.  It refers to the effect she manages to have on Chance.  (Guys are just going to hate hearing this stuff about Chance, but.....)

Ilsa’s mechanism for dealing with things she can’t cope with is to turn and walk away.  I recognize it, because I do it.
There is a lot Chance won’t bend for (and that’s for another blog entry), but have you ever notice how often he’ll follow her when she turns away? Lucky Ilsa, she has the power.

Some of these clips can be interpreted that he's just following her to talk to her, but there is a definite pattern.  It isn't very often that he won't follow her. The last time it takes him a few hours to get going and a prod from Winston. 
Let me know if you think of other examples!

And in the very last clip, he *runs*.

Clips are from
The Return of Baptiste
The Other Side of the Mall
A Problem Like Maria
Marshall Pucci

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Do Chance and Ilsa sound a bit chipmunky? I've altered their pitch to help prevent YouTube blocking the video....  And sorry for the roll in some of the clip transitions.  I don't know why it does that when I don't get that happening when I make video.  ??????????????


  1. I hate it when I think of these things after the fact.... She walks away from him in the ashram - so following her is almost the very first thing he does with her!

  2. Yes, Ilsa's voice is definitely funny in the clips!!!